In The Footsteps of Tomalini

An introductory adventure to the land of Brightwood and the game system.

The story begins one bright morning while the faeries are all still a-bed.

Day One

1 The Herald

Bright and early one morning you are awakened by a herald of Lady Sunshower. The herald’s name is Tripkin

Tripkin’s announcement

Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning Fairies All. I bring you news and tidings from my Lady’s shining hall.

There is so much pollen this summer that the butterflies and bees are having trouble collecting it all. So a special request has been made for help from the fairies. Sunshower, Lady of the Petals (my boss) therefore respectfully commands all pixies, sprites, pookahs, brownies and other unspecified fairy kind to assist our insect friends in the collection of said pollen so that the wheels of nature are able to turn smoothly and properly.

Simply take a fairy sack and report to the closest field and speak to any bee or butterfly and they will show you how to help.

2 The Task

A bee or butterfly shows each fairy where the pollen is to be found over a range of different flowers. How to detach the pollen and how to scoop it into a sack.

Not every flower is as easy as the next. Most flowers are quite easy and don’t require a challenge and a morning’s collection of the simplest flowers will produce 20 plus 1d6-1 bags.

There are however some more challenging flowers:

Goosefoot – requires at least one success or the pollen can’t be pulled off. Each successful visit will add an extra bag of pollen.

Michaelmas Daisy – requires at least two successes or the pollen covers the fairy and requires that the fairy has to go and wash. This will reduce the fairy’s bag total by one. However success will add 3 bags to the total.

Slipper Orchid – requires at least 3 successes or the fairy slips down into the bowl of the flower and gets stuck in the pollen. The fairy must be rescued by a friend and will then have to go home to change outfits. This will result in the loss of two bags. However, success adds 5 bags to the overall total.

This is a quite tiring but fun task that doesn’t pose any major problems for a fairy but it can take a little while to get used to it.. The bees and butterflies are very friendly and seem very grateful for the extra assistance.

3 Niggles is introduced

One or more of the fairies will be led a merry dance by a bumblebee. The bee will drive the fairy hard for five or so minutes calling out ‘hurry up slowcoach’, ‘is that the best you can do’, ‘you’ve been eating too many fairy-cakes’.

The bee can’t stop itself giggling as the fairies work harder and if the fairies don’t become suspicious themselves its antics soon attract the attention of a Commander Bee (Buzzford) who asks him why he is being cheeky to the helpful fairies.

At this point the bee will change to its real shape – a pookah named Niggles

At this point the cross Commander Bee will chase Niggles off, stinging him once or twice as he dashes away.

If any fairy works extra hard and collects 30 or more a delighted insect will bestow a boon on the fairy.

4 Resting and Another job

When the task over all the fairies go to relax in the meadow and take drinks from the nectar fountain.

A blackboard is passed round the meadow by a yellow sprite (Jigglepuff), on it are the names and addresses of all the fairy friends who need a visit this evening. There is just one name left on the list today, a new name – Margaret Lewis.

5 Niggles apologises.

Niggles comes over to apologise. He asks what they will be doing that evening and asks to join them.

6 The Visit

Describe Markham House.

Once the fairies are in Margaret’s room they will find her asleep but little Reuben excited and asking to be let out to sing and dance.

Margaret has left some prettily painted pebbles for the fairies and some paper clothes cut from gaily coloured tissue paper.

When the visit is over, they secure Reuben and leave fairy dust on the window sill. Niggles closes the cage and fails to secure it.

If another fairy insists on checking it then Niggles can’t resist coming back later that same night to dance some more and accidentally fails to secure the cage.

Day 2

The next day is quite a lazy day and the fairies can do whatever they please.

During the morning. There is a procession through the Realm of Petals by the fairies of the Realm of Gemstones. Lord Blueberry, Lord of Gemstones is riding resplendent in a beautifully jewelled carriage, pulled by gaily coloured beetles who have been encrusted with sapphires and emeralds by the Lord’s gemsmiths.

In the afternoon there is a feast in honour of Lord Blueberry which everyone is invited to. There are dances and also games.

In the evening the herald Tripkin comes to see the fairies and tells them that there is an urgent call from a fairy friend, it is Margaret.

In Margaret’s room there is a note from the girl which reads as follows

Dearest Fairies

I am so worried. My dear little mouse, Reuben, has gone missing. His cage has come open somehow and he has got out.

I don’t know where he could have gone. I am scared that he might be lost and frightened.

Please help me find him.

Lots of love

Margaret Lewis, Aged 7

7 The Hunt for Reuben

He climbed out of his cage and then ran across Margaret’s dressing table. He sniffed at her powder puff and sneezed, spraying powder. Then treading in it he left tiny paw prints across the dresser, on to the bookcase, up the curtain, onto the window ledge and outside.

From there he descended the drainpipe and into

The Garden

What happened next can be discovered by talking to Eddlewig the hedgehog who was looking for worms last night (as tonight) when he saw Reuben.

“I’m off to seek my fortune like Tomalini”, he said “and first off I’ll visit my friends the Fairies. They’ll be so surprised to see me” “Won’t your mistress be upset” I asked. “Oh, she won’t mind if I bring her back some pretty jewels as a gift” he replied. Well we didn’t have much time to talk more because Roderick the cat came along then and chased the mouse off into the flower bed yonder.

If the fairies go looking for Roderick he will be slightly embarrassed and insist that he he didn’t and wouldn’t have hurt the mouse. He will say he gave up when Reuben squeezed through a little hole at the bottom of the tall wall.

If the fairies explore the flower bed they come to the wall and then after a little searching will find the hole through to the field next door.

The Field

In The Footsteps of Tomalini

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